Climate-KIC Accelerator Hessen Programme 2015

Climate-KIC Accelerator Hessen Programme 2015

Our intensive programme for start-ups working on their climate-relevant business idea goes in the new edition with a new name. We continue supporting innovative environmentally-friendly start-up ideas on a professional basis. The programme includes boot camps, individual coaching & mentoring, international network and events as well as generous in-kind services (grants).

Our start-ups are less than three years old and work on their innovation to migitate climate change.

Climate-KIC Accelerator Hessen is run in 2015 by Provadis Hochschule in cooperation with TU Darmstadt.

Run time 2015: August to December.

For more information please see our flyer or go directly to the page of our partner.

Please find application form here. Submission deadline: 25 July 2015 to


Incubation Programme 2014

Incubation Programme 2014 - Stage II Evaluation, Programme Winners

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A traditional pitch contest of Incubation Programme 2014 took place at the end of the stage II on the 1st of September 2014 in Darmstadt. The jury, which included also external cleantech experts Dr. Maximilian Horster and Alexander Wenzel, evaluated the presentations as well as the teams engagement in the programme and awarded following prizes:

1st prize: e.Ray, grant: 15,000 €

2nd prize: REDi (new name: BetterSpace), grant: 10,000 € (+ 5,000 Technology Validation Support)

3rd prize: APT, grant: 5,000 € (+ 5,000 Technology Validation Support)

4th prize: Parolution, grant: 5.000 €

Wir congratulate the competition’s winners and wish them a lot of success!
In the final stage of the programme the winners will work further on their funding concepts and have a possibility to establish contacts to investors. A start-up tour to Helsinki will be organised by Climate-KIC Centre Hessen in November and will include attendance of the start-up conference Slush.

Incubation Programme 2014 - Stage I Evaluation

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Evaluation of the stage I of Incubation Programme 2014 took place in Darmstadt on 2 July 2014. Participanting teams  pitched 5 minutes each their ideas and answered quesions of the jury. Till now they elaborated their initial business plan and financial model.

We congratulate five teams who received a grant of € 1,000 each for developing their ideas! These teams are:

The company develops and constructs energy storage systems for farms, industry, electric cooperatives and large electric utilities. Its proprietary technology employs adiabatic compressed air energy storage (ACAES). The modular storage systems are energy-efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly and can be sized to desired power and capacities.
Website of APT GmbH

The team's vision is to make mankind more independent from fossile resources. Therefore they develop floating micro power plants which use the the kinetic energy of rivers. The design makes the micro power plant an environmentally friendly, nature-oriented and fish-friendly system. The compact system is easy to transport and suits manifold applications from self-sufficient electricity generation by private persons to expediting the electrification of village communities in developing countries.

At the moment the team is designing its second prototype which should be tested at the Danube river end of this summer. Another functional model is currently being tested at the hydraulic engineering laboratory of TU Darmstadt.
Webseite of e.Ray

EvenMe offers easy and affordable carbon compensation for everyday’s activities, such as mobility. Their customers are able to compensate their petrol use or their public transportation emissions with only one click on their smartphones.

The start-up develops energy efficient LED lighting solutions for professional horticultural purposes. Our products offer a continuous spectrum of light, distributed in different intensities over the relevant range of wavelengths. Besides our standardized solutions which are suited for many different applications, we provide individual and flexible solutions for researchers and the horticultural industry as well.

The idea is a holistic approach of resource-monitoring and energy management based on self-developed smart technologies.


The next two stages of the programme have following aims: verifying hypothesis & meeting clients and investment readiness.

Starting Incubation Programme 2014

We congratulate the participants of Incubation Programme 2014 of Climate-KIC Centre Hessen on starting the programme!

The opening event took place on the 7th of May 2014 in Darmstadt.

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Even if you are not yet a Climate-KIC start-up you are welcome to participate in our masterclasses. Please check if you fit the target group and the subject is one of your priorities. The language of masterclasses is english. The coming international masterclasses are:

7 & 8 April 2014 "Sales with Ken Morse" in Zürich -
an interactive Masterclass about establishing of more effective long term and mutually beneficial customer relationships - application closed.

8 & 9 May 2014 "Get ready for investors" in London (please note the location and date changes!) -
Masterclass with the Fokus on the finance strategy for young entrepreneurs - application closed.

30 June & 1 July 2014 "Entrepreneurial Marketing with Rajiv Lal" in Berlin -
lectures and sessions on marketing strategies - application closed.

17 & 18 July 2014 "Lean Start-up" in Paris -
masterclass on building prototypes with simple means and designing of minimum viable business models.

Please find more information about upcoming masterclasses here. You are welcome to contact us to receive the support in the application process and the necessary information.

Contact: Irina Shults:, Tel. +49 (0) 6151 16 75044

About the Incubation Programme 2014

We are pleased to inform you that Climate-KIC Centre Hessen supports start-ups also in 2014 with Incubation Programme.

The application for the stage 1 is closed. Start-ups with business plan model available can apply directly for the phase 2. Please apply till the 31st of May 2014.

Who is the programme for?

The Incubation Programmeprovides support to start-ups and existing entrepreneurs who are:

  • reflecting on realization of an innovative idea about climate change mitigation and adaptation, energy efficiency or low-carbon economy,
  • based in Hesse or going to found their company and to be active in the State of Hesse,
  • based in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region if they come from our partner region in Finland,
  • ready to enter the European innovation network and to participate in it actively.

What does the programme offer?

  • qualified individual coaching and masterclasses to the following themes: team building, business plan and financial model development, market analysis, seed funding, EXIST grants etc.,
  • access to the European network communitiy,
  • national and international masterclasses and start-up events,
  • possibility to attain the "HIGHEST Start-Up" Label,
  • in-kind benefits and in case of granting (phase 3) up to 20,000 €.

The applicants from Helsinki-Uusimaa Region will have a modified and adapted to them programme according to cooperation agreement between Climate-KIC Centre Hessen and their region. Therefore, the services and grants might differ.

What is the programme flow?

Phase 1: Developing Business Model (April - June 2014)

Phase 2: Verifying Hypothesis & Meeting Clients (July - September 2014)

Phase 3: Investment Readiness (September - December 2014)

The jury evaluates your achievements and your pitch and decides whether you follow in the next phase. 

Please submit your complete application till the 23rd of April 2014 (extended deadline!), 20 h to the contact indicated below. You will be informed about your acceptance by the 7th of May 2014.

Start-ups with business plan model available can apply directly for the phase 2. Application till 31st of May 2014.

Application form for Hessian applicants is here, for Helsinki-Uusimaa Region's here.


Irina Shults:, Tel. +49 (0) 6151 16 75044

Our conculting partner in Incubation Programme 2014 is Gründerberatung HIGHEST of TU Darmstadt.

Logo der HIGHEST

Video: Incubation Programme of Climate-KIC Hessen by the Hessian Award Winners 2013

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It was a big pleasure for us to work on this video with: tl_files/kic/downloads/Gruender - Incubation/jojo tv logo.jpg

Prize Winners of Start-Up Competition "Incubation Programme 2013" carried out by Climate-KIC Centre Hessen

On the 12th July 2013 we announced the winners of "Incubation Programme 2013". Four start-ups receive funding 15.000 € each that they will invest in their further development. We congratulate the winners: Bettervest, Windmanufactur, The Electric Hotel and Rucksackspende!

Participants of Incubation Programme 2013

Five start-ups were accepted for the stage 1 of the Start-Up Competition Incubation Programme 2013 that is coordinated by Climate-KIC Centre Hessen. The projects of these start-ups address efficient energy consumption, renewable energy resources, and they are innovative! The start-ups are:



This is the first crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to invest small amounts of money in environmental-friendly and energy efficient projects of enterprises, municipalities, associations and other institutions. In return, individuals have a share in the obtained savings. Bettervest provides investments only for projects that prove themselves sustainable and envrionmentally friendly.


The Electric Hotel

It is about a mobile power station that

• produces electricity with sun, water and human power,
• is used at the moment at big open-air events for charging of mobile devices, and
• rises awareness about renewable energy resources.

Krämer Energietechnik

The product is a sewage power generator that

• uses kinetic energy of sewage / drain water,
• can be installed in existing pipelines of sewage treatment plants, and
• has low installation costs.

The Product is the medical rucksack which

• purifies and desalinates water,
• sterilizes reusable surgical instruments, and
• refrigerates medicines and compresses.


The product is a small wind turbine, or Volksturbine that

• produces energy more efficiently at low wind speed,
• is a noise-reduced and low-vibration system,
• is considerably lightweight comparing to constructions of the same performance category, and
• is maintenance-free.