Industrial Partners

Night view of Industriepark Höchst
Night view of Industriepark Höchst

One of the main efforts of Climate-KIC Centre Hessen lies in initiating and supporting cooperation among academic, industrial and public partners. Firms in the environmental sector and energy providers are a special focus. 

What we offer:

  • Bringing together of partners (from research, industry, management and consulting) for research projects and cooperation
  • Competent consulting for innovative cooperative projects
  • Access to potential interns and employees through programmes such as Pioneers into Practice
  • Network extention through Climate-KIC and other events
  • Public relations, publicity and marketing 

Reaching goals such as value creation, job creation and commercialization is only possible through cooperation with local industrial partners and also depends upon relationships with the ministries, the public sector and with other partners. Support for product development is primarily the work of the Innovation & Pathfinder Projects

Contacts: Esther Berghoff, Dr. Christian Henschke, see contact list.