Start of the Pioneers into Practice Programme 2014

The 5th edition of “Pioneers into Practice” programme started with the “Introductory Workshop” at the Provadis School of International Management and Technology on April, 28. This year, there were 33 Pioneers starting in the programme, under them there were five participants from the partner region of Helsinki-Uusimaa. The Pioneers are coached by 6 mentors on the topic of system innovation and transition management in order to apply this theoretical knowledge in practice and thereby to mitigate the climate change.

This year there were more than 50 placements in the Hessen region available including companies, public institutions and NGOs. Pioneers work there in a four-week internship on projects that contribute to CO2 reduction and sustainability.

The first of three days of introductory workshops had the goal to let Pioneers get to know each other and later meet individually the respective project hosts. On the day 2, the focus was more on the group work which is running beside the placements, whereas the day 3 included mainly the topic of “system innovation” considered from different angles: participants discussed on the basis of various theoretical concepts and practical tools how sustainable development can be actively created. For example, the multi-level perspective (MLP) and actor analysis can serve as a frame structure and analysis instrument in the project management. In addition, strategies and measures against climate change were presented; they can be used to elaborate a detailed plan on sustainable system innovations.

With the conclusion of the introductory workshop the pioneers started in their first placement phase. The first Pioneers already had their start of the regional placements on Monday, May, 5.

Start of PiP 2014

Pioneers into Practice Programme

The Pioneers into Practice Programme defines the central principles of knowledge exchange and knowledge enhancement in Climate-KIC. This programme seeks to bring out a new generation of specialists, entrepreneurs and policy makers whose common goal lies in the development of a low-carbon society. Participants will be given the opportunity to complete two 1-month-long internships in the six European regions. In these internships, the participants will be trained in systematic innovation and will gather first-hand experience in the implementation of innovative concepts. 

Pioneers into Practice 2015

If you are intereseted in this programme and you come from Hessen, please refer to our german page. Otherwise please visit the central Climate-KIC webpage.

Deadline for your application as a pioneer is the 23st of March 2015.

Application forms for Pioneers and for Hosts.


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Alexander Schneider:
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In Hessen, the PiP Programme is coordinated by Provadis Hochschule, please visit Provadis' webpage or the official Hessian PiP webpage.

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