Sustainable City Systems Platform (SCS)

Integrating interdependent urban systems, infrastructure and resource flows.

Strategic priorities

The Sustainable City Systems platform aims at developing integrated solutions for urban systems, infrastructure and resource flows – helping to overcome silo-thinking at the city level and establishing climate resilient cities of the future.

The SCS platform value proposition addresses two target audiences – cities and businesses – with the goal to:

  • support municipal decision makers in the transition from centralized but separate energy, waste, water, ICT and transport systems to decentralized and/or integrated systems, and
  • help European businesses develop high-value, integrated and climate-friendly urban solutions for a global market.

The SCS Platform’s key strategic priorities for Business Plan 2014 focus on three complementary Challenge Areas, based on an assessment of current Climate-KIC projects, partner strengths and market opportunities:

Challenge I - Urban design, planning and management tools

Challenge II - Integrated utility and mobility systems solutions

Challenge III - Closed-loop systems for resource efficient cities


Ian Short (Institute for Sustainability, UK)
Jan Halatsch (ETH Zürich, CH)
Raoul Bunschoten (Technical University Berlin, DE)

Core members:

Alice Bauer (City of Frankfurt am Main, Hessen Region)
Jürgen Kropp (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, DE)
Bruno Guillaume (ARIA Technologies, FR)
Denis Morin (ARIA Technologies, FR)
Chris Bremmer (TNO, NL)
Kees van Deelen (TNO, NL)
Ed Metcalfe (Institute for Sustainability, UK)
Holger Wallbaum (Chalmers University, Nordic)


Kristine Köhler (Climate-KIC staff, DE)